Formed in August 1997 as a Minnesota non-profit organization, Minnesota

Natural Health Coalition (MNHC) was founded in order to ensure the

consumer’s access to the kind of health care he/she wants. MNHC is

recognized by the IRS as a 501©(3) tax exempt organization and

contributions to MNHC are tax deductible.


         At the time of its formation, there was strong concern about the powers

of the state medical board to shut down unlicensed health care

practitioners in the state, such as homeopaths, herbalists, massage

therapists and body workers of all kinds, traditional naturopaths and

naturopathic physicians, and others. Because the definition of the

practice of medicine” is overly broad, such unlicensed practitioners

were vulnerable to being accused of engaging in the “practice of

medicine” even though they did not hold themselves out as being engaged

in the practice of medicine and they did not do the kinds of things that

physicians typically do.


         The health freedom problem for the unlicensed practitioners was largely

addressed by legislation that was enacted in year 2000 and that carved

out a “safe harbor” within which the unlicensed practitioners could

practice as long as they didn’t infringe on the practice territory of

physicians, dentists and other licensed practitioners and as long as

they disclosed their training and education to their clients. The

successful passage of the safe harbor approach galvanized a national

health freedom movement to promote the same kind of innovative reform in

order states.


           Today, MNHC continues its educational work on behalf of natural,

alternative health and health freedom and carries out a number projects

that fit in with its mission. It works to:


-          Educate the public on the meaning and value of Chapter 146A

of the Minnesota statutes, which is Minnesota’s safe harbor law that

protects our unlicensed practitioners’  right to practice (without their

needing to fear being charged with the practice of medicine without a



-         Educate the public on the hazards of vaccinations, with an

emphasis on toxic ingredients in the flu vaccines, such as Thimerosal, a

deadly mercury compound,


 -         Educate the public on safer, more natural alternatives to toxic,

 ineffective, and dangerous vaccinations. Alternatives such as good

nutrition, vitamins,  minerals and other health enhancing supplements, and homeopathy, are generally safer and, long term, healthier and more effective than vaccinations are.


-         Educate the public on the hazards of fluoridation of the drinking water, noting that fluoride is a very toxic element and that water fluoridation involved the addition of hazardous wastes into a city’s drinking water. Informed people generally view water fluoridation as a scam, and the world’s top fluoride research scientists lead in the opposition to water fluoridation.


-         One project is a series of monthly public meetings in

Eagan, Minnesota, known as Life Unlimited II. This group meets on the

second Tuesday evening of every month except for August and December,

when it does not meet.   See the web site www.lifeunlimited2.org  for upcoming events.  


-          Another MNHC project is a series of monthly public meetings in

St Paul, Minnesota, known as The Raw Food Group. This group meets on the

second Saturday evening of the months; it hears a presentation on some

health or health freedom topic of interest, followed by a raw food

potluck for those who want to stay for that. E-mail the raw food group via dams@usfamily.net (you can receive the meeting notices by e-mail) or call 651-644-4572 to provide an address at which to receive notice of these meetings.


 Current MNHC Board members are:


             Lee Beaty, President                 ortho-bionomy, body worker practitioner

             Jerri Johnson, Vice President    homeopath

             Leo Cashman, Secretary, Treasurer   dental- health educator (works with DAMS)

             Eugenia McGrath                          nurse and anti-mercury activist

             Christina Abel                            nurse and vaccine awareness educator

             David Eide                                 traditional naturopath


 Contact information: call any of these natural health, health freedom leaders

Lee Beaty    612-721-7108

Leo Cashman   651-644-4572,  or e-mail  dams @ usfamily.net

Jerri Johnson   651-688-6515,   or e-mail  jerrijohn@aol.com


        Mailing  address:

Minnesota Natural Health Coalition

1043 Grand Ave, #317

St Paul MN 55105

Suggested membership dues are $25 per year and contributions of any size are welcome.  Checks may be made payable to:  MNHC. MNHC is a 501©(3) tax exempt organization and contributions are tax deductible.