Safe Technology Minnesota,
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Safe Technology Minnesota

Who will tell the people? Electromagnetic radiation from cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, WI-Fi and the small cell antennas of 5G are posing a great threat to the health of our people and to the future of our country. Scientist Martin Pall, PhD, says that he fears that the 5G build-out, if it continues unchecked, will be "an extinction event." The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should be setting health standards that protect health but it has failed to set standards for any of these microwave-emitting devices. The FCC has set a fraudulently bad "guideline" for RF radiation intensity, but it is ridiculously unprotective. We know the the Federal Communication Commission, the FCC, has been "captured" by the industry that it is supposed to be regulating.

Our newspapers, television stations and other media, have been part of the problem, hyping the very technologies that end up harming us. The media is hyping the new devices and the latest i-phone "apps," and so are not about to warn us about the hazards of the radiation emitted from the devices we are holding in our hands or even against our heads.

But, as the science reveals, all of the wireless radiation devices pose a health hazards to those who are nearby and our society should make a rapid retreat from the widespread use of such wireless devices and should shift over to safe technologies, namely land line phones, wired internet connections, with fiber optics to the building being the fastest, most reliable, safest and most energy efficient way to deliver an internet connection to the customers.

Wi-Fi in the schools is an abomination, harming the children's health and the entire educational process. Sadly, most parents are oblivious to the special danger posed by cell phone use and by Wi-Fi to their very vulnerable children and infants, whose skull bones are thinner and provide less protection from the radiation that will penetrate far into the brain. A child's nervous system is still developing and so their brains are even more vulnerable to the damage caused to exposures such as the Wi-Fi that is used in their schools.
        With the arrival of "smart meters" that pulse the electric, gas or water utility meter readings through the air (eliminating the meter reader's job) the situation becomes even more distressing for some. Many people are refusing the installation of smart meters and are asking for ones that are already installed to be removed; but the utility companies typically refuse to oblige the homeowner, citing the laws and regulations that allow them to do whatever best serves their bottom line.
        The result, often, is the dramatic destruction of health; h
aving a smart meter installed on your home is like being put on the fast track to Parkinson's disease, dementia, cancer, auto immune disorders and other personal health disasters. Instead of them taking ten or twenty years for these diseases to develop as a result of cell phone and/or Wi-Fi use, now it may take only six months. And the deterioration in health is often reported to have set in noticeably soon after the smart meter has been installed...with ringing in the ears and a painful sensation in the head.
        Only by working hard on education and by spreading resistance to such technologies as Wi-Fi, smart meters, smart phones, and the small cell antennas of the 5G infrastructure, will we have a chance to prevail against this growing threat to our health and wellness. Please go to the Safe Tech Minnesota web site, for more about the EMF hazards and what we can do, together, about them.