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Stop Geoengineering MN
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Stop Geoengineering MN
For almost two decades, people in the United States and elsewhere have been observed aircraft flying overhead, spraying fine particulates into the air. On some days the overhead spraying has produced a dirty, muddy appearance in the sky as the sprayed particulates spread out, block some of the sunlight from reaching the ground, and gradually making the atmosphere more and more conductive to electricity.

This program is believed to be carried our by our federal government yet it is not being acknowledged to the American people. Weather reporters are not being allowed to report it or to analyze the impacts it has on the sky, the weather and the environment. Analysis of rainfall, ground water and soil indicates that what is being sprayed is oxides of aluminum, barium and strontium. Some research indicates that the program is designed to allow the US military to "own the weather" and use it as a weapon, as a sort of substitute for nuclear weaponry, the use of which is not feasable because it is so toxic. But the impacts of the aerosol spraying are very also concerning because of the exposures to aluminum oxide and other toxic metal compounds, causing respiratory problems and toxic brain impacts Farm crops and forest are also damaged and the extreme swings of weather events are seen to be indicative of weather control experimentation run amok.
To sum up, climate engineering, geoengineering, with their "chemtrails," pose a hazard to health and to our environment. Over time, the activities solve nothing and they make global warming and, the ultimate existential threat, runaway global warming, a more serious possibility .