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Stop Geoengineering MN
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Stop Geoengineering MN
For almost two decades, people in the United States and elsewhere have been observing a frequent occurrence of aircraft flying overhead, spraying fine particulates into the air. On some days the overhead spraying has produced a dirty, muddy appearance in the sky as the sprayed particulates spread out, block some of the sunlight from reaching the ground, and gradually making the atmosphere more and more conductive to electricity. While this program is clearly being carried our by our federal government - it is so massive, frequent and widespread - it is officially being kept a secret from the American people. No weather reporters or other media sources are allowed to report it and the impacts it has on the sky, the weather and the environment. Monitoring of rainfall, ground water and soil indicates that the particulates being sprayed are mainly oxides of aluminum, barium and strontium.While research indicates that the program is a covert program to allow the US military to "own the weather" and use it as a weapon, the impacts of this spraying are very concerning: the greatly elevated exposures of humans and other living things to aluminum oxide and other toxic metal compounds, causing respiratory problems and toxicity in general. Farm crops are damaged, wildlife is damaged, and forests and their trees are suffering and in many places dying.
Whatever you want to call this spraying program - climate engineering, geoengineering, "chemtrails" (a more slang term), this program is harmful to our health and to our environment and it makes global warming, and possibly runaway global warming, a more dangerous problem for all of us to curb and bring under control.
We have a separate web site at were there are photos and much more information about this problem - the most serious problem of our time and of all time. Another excellent source of updates and information is web site of Dane Wigington, Dane has been monitoring these disturbing developments for many years and is perhaps the best known figure, internationally, who reports on the bizarre weather manipulations,the environmental damage and the damage to living things, and ever increasing planetary warming that is being made worse by the aerosol spraying program.